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The Rocket on The Roof


Directed & Produced: Ryan Maxey, Josh Polon
Featuring: Wesley Francis
Music: Simon Joyner

“He wants to be the guy who wants to go up there.”


Official Selection:
Critical Response:
  • “What’s it doing up there? How did it get there? Is it dangerous? What is this apartment complex hiding? From this simple premise, the film careens wildly out of control. There are clandestine meetings, FBI-esque surveillance, conspiracy theories, and light-to-moderate trespassing… [Watching] The Rocket On The Roof was the best 13 minutes of our day.” – Musicbed
  • “At Friday morning’s ‘Documentary Shorts’ presentation, the audience at MICA’s Studio Center got to watch seven short works […] The films took them on an emotional ride from the silly to the sublime, from the comical to the tragic [, … including] the oddball humor of the 14-minute The Rocket on The Roof, as a guy furtively, but determinedly, tries to figure out why that rocket is on that roof.” – Chris Kaltenbach, The Baltimore Sun