"Trent and Chris go on a sonic journey."

Director/Editor - Josh Polon
Featuring - Chris AHEE Adams, Trent Christensen
Producers - Chris AHEE Adams, Bobby Howard, Ryan Maxey
Shot - Ryan Maxey, Josh Polon

Official Selection:
SXSW 2014 - World Premiere
True/False 2014 - Sneak Preview
Maryland 2014
San Francisco IndieFest 2015
Ashland Independent 2015
Open Projector Night @ The Hammer Museum - WINNER
A Wall Is A Screen (Hamburg, Germany)

Critical Response:
-"This year the bring-down-the-house funny short was Josh Polon’s 6-minute Best Sound[...] In its emphasis on exposing the strings of cinematic artifice, Best Sound is in some ways the perfect distilled True/False film." - Nick Pinkerton, Sight & Sound
-"One of the best-received films of the night wasn’t even competing for a prize. Director Josh Polon’s Best Sound [...] drew the biggest audience reaction, partially out of disgust [...] and partially from the hilarity of on-screen drunkenness." - Nicole Meyer, VOX Magazine
-"This testament to the transformative power of cinema depicts a mute sound designer as he gathers hard-earned materials for his transcendent art." - True/False Film Festival